Montreal Corporate Event Photographers

For over two yeasr, our local photographers have been proud to supply professional services to Montréal, Québec - “la belle province”

With offices in Toronto, Ontario and Denver, Colorado, Formax Productions has been offering services to corporations, event planners, government agencies and associations for all their corporate event photography needs.

Our photography services now span most regions of Canada and part of the United States of America.

On our 21st year, we remain committed to our professionalism, quality of service and superior photography products for the clients we serve.

“Quality Service and Superior Products”
Mario's ss
Mario's strengths are: Professional Candid and Composition

On his 7th year, Mario is a Montreal-based commercial photographer with proven skills event and corporate photography. Using his strong sense of composition, his creative vision and professionalism, Mario will document your event, capturing its substance and its spirit.

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Richard's ss
Richard’s strengths are: Capturing essential moments, and developing strong rapport with clients

Richard is a Montreal-based freelance portrait and event photographer, including photojournalistic coverage. He has a knack for putting people at ease, working rapidly and efficiently, while maintaining a high standard of quality. He is fluent in french and english with a little spanish. Richard has more than 17 years experience in photography.

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Elizabeth's ss
Elizabeth’s strengths are: Candid event and decor photography

Liz's background in photojournalism has given her the opportunity to shoot a variety of events and situations. She finds her inspiration in adaptation, and she loves event photography because of the different places it takes her; every day is different. She is professional and personable, and is always looking for the defining moment. She is on her 5th year of service.

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Andre's ss
Andre’s strengths are: Service To The Client And Image Quality

André was born and raised in Gatineau, Quebec in the late 50’s until his move to Toronto in 1979, where he founded the company in 1990. He has recently acquired his U.S. permanent residency and now resides in Denver, Colorado with frequent travel to Canadian and U.S. cities. He has a total of 30 years of service as a professional photographer. Please read his Founder's message.

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