on-site printing green screen

On-Site Printing & Green Screen

Quick & Reliable Photo Printing At Your Event

Formax Productions produces superb quality photographic prints in quantity. Our quick and reliable on-site printing services will amaze you.

Group photos and portraits of your guests are all produced at your event. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that each of your photos are of exceptionally high quality and take only seconds to print, providing you with hundreds or thousands of framed photographic prints by the end of your event.

We can now produce prints on site in several cities in Canada and the U.S.A.
- In Toronto we can produced up to 422 prints each hour
- In Colorado we can produced up to 240 prints each hour
- In Nevada we can produced up to 160 prints each hour
- In Montreal we can produced up to 300 prints each hour

We are also well equiped and experienced in traveling with equipment anywhere in North America.

"Producing quality photographic prints in quantity."

On-site photo printing is a great option for golf tournaments, awards presentations, galas or any other event you want your guests to remember with a photographic keepsake. However, our on-site printing does not stop there. If you would like to add to the excitement, you could choose to have multiple graphic borders for your guest to choose from and have these same images sent by e-mail or uploaded to your social media site or even try our virtual effects with green screen digital backgrounds.

Green Screen Digital Backgrounds

Green screen technology is the process of digitally super-imposing subjects onto a virtual background. Using this technology we can produce photos of your guests onto a custom made or live background that fits your event theme. These virtual backgrounds even allow us to add foreground graphics to your photos, such as borders, logos or the theme of your event.

Take it one step further and add a scene, a set or multiple backgrounds and have the same images sent by e-mail or uploaded to your social media site. By using props, a scenery or multiple backgrounds you can enhance the experience. Please contact us for ideas and information.

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